Schedule B Export Codes

What is a Schedule B Number?

There are millions of trade transactions occurring each year. These transactions are classified under approximately 8,000 different products leaving the United States. Every item that is exported is assigned a unique 10-digit identification code. Every 10-digit item is part of a series of progressively broader product categories.

Why do you need to know your HS (Harmonized System)/Schedule B number?

Exporters need to know the HS/Schedule B number for their products for several reasons: The HS number is needed to look up tariff rates; the Schedule B number is needed to complete the Shipper's Export Declaration; the HS number may be needed on shipping documents, including certificates of origin; and, the HS number is needed to determine whether a product qualifies for a preferential tariff under a Free Trade Agreement. HS numbers can also be used for market research purposes, such as identifying foreign markets where your product is currently being exported.

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