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The Winston-Salem State University brand is more than a logo. It represents a promise.  It is designed to respect the heritage of the university, reflect our strategic focus on student success and protect our reputation.  It also represents how the school presents itself beyond the campus.

Like any organization or business, consistent branding is extremely important.  With our colors, logo and typeface, we have created an image that is identified with WSSU.  It is important that we maintain a “look” of our own and one that is always connected to the university.

Yet, branding goes well beyond making Winston-Salem State University materials more easily recognizable. It enables us to share our messages more effectively and supports our efforts to present the university in a compelling way that will attract potential students and move current students, faculty, staff, alumni, community leaders and donors to understand and admire the WSSU experience. 

It is up to all of us to present the university brand in a consistent manner and that is more than using a specific color or typeface.  It means that everyone who works for, attends, or is connected to this institution impacts our reputation through his or her actions and words.

As for the actual elements of our branding effort, there are guidelines available for printed material such as brochures, newsletters and direct mailers, along with radio spots, web pages, billboards and signs.  You can help maintain a consistent image of a thriving, energetic campus focused on student success by contacting The Office of Marketing and Communications for assistance.

Winston-Salem State University is defined by its people and supported by its communications and images, and the perceptions they influence and reinforce.  That is why it is important to present an image of a successful institution that is focused on academic distinction in a way that appreciates our culture and pride.

Branding is more than a graphic identity. It is promising an experience and delivering on that promise.

  • Branding reflects the manner in which an entity presents itself to the world. Requiring more than just the use of a specific color or typeface, branding offers a consistent, yet evolving set of elements that work together to create and maintain a desired emotional and intellectual connection with an audience.
  • Consistent branding goes well beyond making Winston-Salem State University materials more easily recognizable. Effective branding moves people by communicating in a compelling manner ways to understand, admire and participate in the WSSU/RAM experience.
  • The WSSU brand is derived from the Chancellor's vision of the university as a whole and as an integrated part of the Piedmont Triad.

WSSU Branding and Style Guide

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