Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Continuing Education:

The Office of Continuing Education offers noncredit personal and professional development courses which reflect and anticipate the changing nature of society. University admission is not required. Please visit our payment gateway for our current course offerings.

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Non-Degree Applicant:

During the spring, summer and fall semesters, individuals have an opportunity to be admitted as Non-degree seeking students. Winston-Salem State University assumes no responsibility for determining a student’s course selection when the credits are to be transferred to another institution. Students may enroll in no more than 12 semester hours. Students are also not eligible for financial aid under this status. Credits obtained in this manner will not count towards a degree until a student has met the admission requirements through the Freshman or Transfer process.

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Summer Session Applicant:

Admission to Summer School is open to students who wish to take courses during summer academic terms and plan to return to their “home” institution for the fall academic term. This enrollment process is designed for students who do not attend Winston-Salem State University during the fall and spring terms as degree-seeking students.

Candidates who are offered admission are allowed to take classes during the Summer I or Summer II terms. Winston-Salem State University is not responsible for course selection. Students who are interested in taking classes to transfer to other colleges/universities should obtain approval of transfer credit prior to submission of an application.

High school seniors and juniors are eligible for summer enrollment. Possible candidates must display exceptional academic achievement that meets or exceeds the standards of freshman admission. Students must provide a formal endorsement from their high school principal on school letterhead.

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