International Admissions Requirements

The Application Process

Most international students are accepted for enrollment beginning in the fall semester, however, the University also accepts international students who wish to begin in January. The international student application deadlines for Winston-Salem State University are:

  • April 15th for the fall semester
  • September 15th for the spring semester

In order for your application file to be reviewed and evaluated, all the following documents must be submitted by the appropriate international student application deadline:

Application Requirements

  1. Submission of Financial Statement
  2. Completed Application for Undergraduate Admissions and the $50 (U.S. dollars) non-refundable application fee. The application for undergraduate admissions must have complete and accurate responses to every item. As regard to the application fee, please keep in mind we cannot accept Eurocheques and checks from banks that do not have agreements with U.S. banks.
  3. Official records of your courses and grades from all secondary schools and universities you have attended. These records must be notarized. Certified non-English transcripts or grade reports should be accompanies by official (literal, not interpretive) translations.
  4. Course-By-Course Credential Evaluations for Transfer Credit. To be considered for undergraduate admission to Winston-Salem State University, students who have attended post-secondary educational institutions, colleges, or universities outside the United States are required to submit a professional credential evaluation of all completed coursework. This is typically referred to as a course-by-course report. A course-by-course report should be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions from the credential evaluation service. An admission decision will be made once the official evaluation is on file and all other required materials are received. If you are currently enrolled in a term or semester, you should contact the evaluation service about getting a partial evaluation done. A final evaluation will be required prior to enrollment. We will consider an evaluation from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Upon receipt of the evaluation, Winston-Salem State University will determine if you qualify for undergraduate admission and whether or not your credits are transferable to the University. Obtaining an external evaluation does not ensure the awarding of credit. Transfer credit will be granted on an individual basis in keeping with Winston-Salem State University policy.

Language and Testing Requirements

Classes at Winston-Salem State University are conducted in English, and your assignments, papers, and tests must be written in acceptable English. Since the University does not offer English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) courses for non-native speakers, you must be able to speak and write fluently. International students must be proficient in the English language and good students in their own countries before they can study here. Students should study about twelve years in schools in their own countries, beginning at about age six. The last four or five years should include study of English, history, mathematics, and science. In the American system this means graduation from high school with a diploma. In the British system this means completion of Form V before applying, and, if possible, completion of Form VI before entering the University. In the French system this means completing the baccalaureate. Students are usually between 18 and 20 years of age when they enter WSSU as undergraduates.

If English is not your native language, you are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

If registration forms for the TOEFL examination are not available at your present school, please contact the

ETS/TOEFL Program Office
Box 6155
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6155, USA
Phone 1+609-921-9000
FAX 1+609-771-7385

You may also request practice tests from the Educational Testing Service.

If English is not your native language, even if English is the medium of instruction in your home country, you are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or International English Language Testing System (ILETS) which are administered at many sites worldwide. Your score on this test must be forwarded to Admissions by the testing service. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (written) / 213 (computer based) is required. If ILETS, a minimum score of 6.5 is required.


The Scholastic Aptitude Test measures verbal and mathematical ability and is required for all students. Information about the test can be found at many international schools or at U.S. Embassies, Consulates, or offices of the United States Information Service. For information on the SAT, visit College Board International

Every student applying to Winston-Salem State University under age 24 must take a standardized test that measures aptitude in verbal, math, and writing areas. As with domestic students, international students can choose to take either the SAT I: Scholastic Assessment Test or the ACT: American College Test. SAT II Subject Tests are not required.

If registration forms for these examinations are not available at your present school, contact the:

College Board SAT Program
PO Box 025505
Miami, FL 33102, USA
Phone 1+866+756-7346

ACT Education Solutions (Australia) Pty. Limited – HEAD OFFICE
275 Alfred Street North Sydney NSW 2060
Australia Phone: +61 2 8912 5103 Fax: +61 2 8912 5151

Please remember that test registration deadlines are usually 6-8 weeks before the actual test date, and it can take a month or more after the test is taken for the University to receive your scores. Careful planning is required so that all testing is completed before the application deadline

The TOEFL, SAT, and ACT are given several times a year worldwide. International schools and educational advising centers supported by US consulates or embassies should be able to provide you with test registration packets and sample test booklets.

If you are unfamiliar with the TOEFL, SAT, and ACT you may find additional information booklets and practice tests helpful at College Board. Please be sure when registering for the SAT or ACT to request that your score results be sent to Winston-Salem State University. Our school code for the SAT and TOEFL is 5909; our school code for the ACT is 3178.

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