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Transcripts should be sent from all previous and current institutions to:

Office of Admissions
206 Thompson Center
Winston-Salem State University

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Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Students who have a RN license can apply for admission to the RN to BSN (the Bachelor of Nursing) program which is offered at sites in many locations across the state.  Because the RN requires college level work to have been completed at an institution of higher education, applicants are considered transfers to Winston-Salem State University.  The admission review is slightly different depending on the type of degree the applicant has.  Admission requirements are detailed in the Undergraduate Catalog and the RN-BSN website.  The time from application to the RN-BSN admission decision can take 2 to 3 months.  Students should adhere to the deadlines listed here and on the RN-BSN website.

2nd Degree (BS, BA etc.), Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Sciences (AS)

Students who hold a baccalaureate degree from a four-year college or university are considered 2nd degree seeking students.  Those who hold a two-year degree that is ether an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences are considered a transfer student.  Second degree seeking students and those with a AA or AS degree from a North Carolina Community College are considered to have completed the WSSU general education requirements and only need to complete the pre-requisite courses (such as Anatomy and Physiology, Statistics, and Developmental Psychology) for the RN-BSN degree as part of requirements for the Nursing program.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

The AAS and ADN degree (which is an applied science degree) require that transfer credit is applied in a course-by-course basis.  Applicants need to have at least 48 hours of transferable credit in courses that are considered outside the nursing major in order to be considered for admission to the program.  Below is the process for all students who are applying to the RN-BSN transfer program at Winston-Salem State University. (Dates are approximate and default to the closest Monday.)

Student is initially responsible for the following:

  • Student applies to Winston-Salem State University on-line from WSSU Admission’s webpage or completes a paper application. (A paper application is  required for students seeking readmission to WSSU)

· Spring Applications are due between September 1 and September 21.
· Summer I applications are due between January 15 and February 4.

• Student applies for the correct term, either Spring (January) or
  Summer I (May).  There is no Fall or Summer II application for admission.

• Student marks the application for RN-BSN Distance Learning. 

• Student marks degree seeking, transfer, and if they hold a baccalaureate degree, 2nd degree.

• Student submits the RN license verification to the WSSU Office of Admissions.

• Student indicates all schools for which college credit was earned, or is currently being earned. 
  Failure to list every school will result in delays in processing the application.

• Student lists every last name that s/he has ever had.  It can be extremely difficult to match
  transcripts to applicants when names are missing causing delays in processing the application.

• Student requests that transcripts be sent to the WSSU Office of Admissions from every school
  attended to the Office of Admission address on the right hand side of this page.

· For Spring applications, transcripts must be received by October 12.
· For Summer I applications, transcripts must be received by February 25.

• Further in the process the student will be asked to indicate the location where s/he plans to
  take classes.

• If admitted, the student is asked to indicate her/his intent to enroll.  This is non-binding but 
  important as it triggers a transcript review.  Failure to do so stops the application for the RN-
  BSN option applicant.

Admitted students will also be sent information about applying for financial aid, orientation to the university, student support systems and registration for classes.

Students who are not admitted to the university or are admitted to either the university or the RN-BSN program and do not enroll in class, may reapply at the time they feel that they have met the admission’s requirements. A new application fee will be assessed.

Students who are admitted to the university but not to the RN-BSN program are encouraged to enroll and to take courses necessary to meet the requirements for admission to the program. Students who enroll and maintain continuous enrollment at WSSU will not be required to pay an additional application fee if they reapply to the RN-BSN program. However, if the student also takes courses at another college, while enrolled at WSSU, those transcripts will need to be sent to the Registrar. Students will be assigned an advisor in the Nursing program who will assist in determining when the student is ready to re-apply to the RN-BSN program. Students who do not enroll at WSSU will be required to re-start the RN-BSN application process when they are ready and pay a new application fee.

Questions about admission to the university should be directed to a transfer admission’s counselor Office of Admissions at 336-750-2074 or 336-750-8911.

Once a student has been admitted to the university questions about admission to the RN-BSN program should be directed to the appropriate administrative staff in the Division of Nursing at 336-750-2563, 336-750-2560, 336-750-2828 or 336-750-2570.

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