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Mr. Jamar Banks
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs-Campus Life

Winston-Salem State University
336-750-3352 office
336-750-2899 fax
Title IX

The Office of Campus Life, within the Division of Student Affairs, is a partner in the educational process and mission of the university. The essential goals of the Office of Campus Life are to improve the quality of life within the Ram community and provide quality out-of-class experiences to compliment what students learn in class.

Campus Life:

  • offers services and programs that entertain, educate, and enlighten our students, faculty, and staff
  • seeks to provide exciting programs and activities that allow for positive and constructive use of leisure time
  • engages students in active learning and encourages scholarship
  • prepares students for leadership roles within the University and future work/community settings
  • enhances the educational environment by promoting, educating, and facilitating campus-wide understanding of students' rights responsibilities, and freedoms

We encourage you to become familiar with the many programs and services that enhance the student experience at Winston-Salem State University. The Office of Campus Life consistently seeks to provide students with opportunities to learn from people of varied cultural backgrounds, to explore and examine new philosophies, to develop and obtain new skill sets and interests, and to prepare for active participation in a rapidly changing global society. It is important that you take the initiative to expand your horizons and to take advantage of the programs and services that are available to help ensure your success. To garner an in depth understanding of our goals and intended outcomes refer to the 2012-2015 Campus Life
Program Planning Competencies

We understand that your campus life experience needs to be one that connects you to the university. As you matriculate toward graduation we want you to be able to reflect back on all of the wonderful memories that made campus life exciting, insightful, and educational. As a part of the excitement, I would like to share some information about the new WSSU Student Activities Center. The new facility features a cutting edge concept of design which brings fusion between traditional college student unions and recreation centers. The planning process for the new structure started several years ago with a committee that included students from diverse groups. The new facility will feature an extended food court with popular franchises, and a new campus hall to accommodate student forums, performances, panel discussions, lectures, council meetings, movie nights, the River Run Film Festival, etc. This will be a place where students can host programs for up to 600 people and is designed to be dividable to host multiple groups, and will have the latest technology. The Student Activities Center will also include an indoor track, a game room, lounge space on multiple levels, study rooms, and much more! There will be a fitness center, group exercise studios, basketball courts, and shower facilities. The Student Government Association (SGA) worked hand in hand with administration to ensure the needs of the students were met. The cost of the new facility is approximately $32 million. The Student Activity Center will instantly become the epicenter of campus! Our combo facility will open for business in June of 2013.

We are proud of the students, faculty, and staff who have contributed in many ways to the important activities, programs and services of the University. It is our hope that each of you will actively pursue the many opportunities available for an exciting and rewarding student experience. We are here to assist with the development of well-rounded students and scholars. Please feel free to contact my office with any questions you or your parents have regarding Campus Life at WSSU.

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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