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Passport Parking


There are a few simple ways to register for mobile payment!

At home or in your office, you can register online at – here you can set up your account and view all parking session history and download receipts.

More importantly however, you can register on-site in less than a couple of minutes to get you parked and on your way to your destination:

1) Download PassportParking Mobile Pay on your
    iPhone or Android
2) Or Call into the local phone number

Both of these processes will require you to create a 4 digit PIN for security purposes, and you will enter your credit card one time and one time only to be saved securely on file.

Using the mobile application, you can even log in with one-touch using Facebook! This is even faster and will allow you to view merchants around you that may be providing parking discounts through PassportParking.


Once you've completed the free registration and account setup, you are ready to get parked! All you will need to do is:

1) Enter the Zone on the signage
2) Enter your Space Number
3) Enter the amount of time for which you'd like to park

After that, you are all set to get on your way. Don't forget that with both the mobile application and the voice system, you are able to extend parking remotely – without returning to your vehicle!  


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