Fitness Area Guidelines

Fitness Area Guidelines

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To help ensure your safe use and enjoyment of our facility and programs, we provide the following list of guidelines for everyone to follow. Please review and familiarize yourself with them. Please contact our staff if you have any questions.


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• Water bottles with lids are encouraged at UREC.  Food, gum and other drinks
   are prohibited.  
• Members must use the equipment only in the manner intended by the manufacturer
   and authorized by UREC. Please follow all instructions and posted signs carefully.
   Please ask the UREC staff for assistance when using equipment with which you are
   not familiar.
• Members shall not move or modify the equipment in any manner whatsoever. No
   free weight or loose equipment shall be used in connection with any mechanical
   equipment or in any manner for which the equipment was not originally intended.
• Please wipe down your equipment after use.
• Please report damaged equipment, equipment malfunctions or injuries to the
   UREC staff immediately.

Cardio Storage Friends

Cardio Guidelines

• The maximum time limit on all machines is 30 minutes when other members
   are waiting.
• The emergency-off clip is recommended when using treadmills.

Weight Room Guidelines

• Allow others to work in when performing multiple sets
• Members should seek assistance for all spotting needs. 
• Collars are to be used at ALL times to secure weights on bars.
• Weight plates are to be re-racked.  They are not to be leaned against machines or left on
   equipment or bars.
• After using equipment, return all plates, dumbbells and other equipment to the proper storage
• Safety bars must be used when available.  Set the safety bar about one inch lower than your
  lowest movement with the bar.
• Dumbbells and weight plates should NOT be dropped on the floor for any reason.
• Please maintain slow and controlled movements of weights at all times.
• Each participant is allowed to have no more than two sets of dumbbells off the rack at a time.
• Chalk is not allowed in the facility.
• Please keep language and behavior respectful and avoid the use of profanity.

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