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To help ensure your safe use and enjoyment of our facility and programs, we provide the following list of guidelines for everyone to follow. Please contact our staff if you have any questions. 

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· Please allow the previous class to exit before entering the classroom.
· Please be on time. Due to the importance of a sufficient warm-up, late
  participants may be denied entry to class at the instructor's discretion.
· Participants are encouraged to stay for the entire group exercise class
  to ensure the proper cool-down. · All classes are available on a first-come,
  first-served basis. Online registration is available for specified classes
  beginning at 8 a.m. on the day of the class.
· Fresh workout clothes are strongly recommended.  Shirts must be
  worn at all times. 
· Athletic shoes must be worn at all times unless recommended otherwise
  by instructors for classes such as yoga. Heels, boots and
  street shoes are not permitted in the group fitness rooms.
· Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strong-smelling deodorants; instead follow a good  
  hygiene regimen to prevent embarrassing situations.
· Water bottles with lids are encouraged in group fitness.  Food, gum and other drinks are prohibited.
· Please leave your cell phone in your locker or turn off the ringer during class.
· Your gym bags/personal belongings should be placed in a locker or cubbies. UREC is not
  responsible for lost or stolen items.
· All group fitness equipment must stay in the group fitness rooms. Please make every effort to
  keep the equipment room neat and organized for the next class.
· GroupX schedules are subject to change.
· Classes will be taught only to groups of three or more.

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