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What are Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports are sports leagues, tournaments and events offered for students, faculty, and staff at WSSU. 

When is registration?

Intramural Sports registration is on-going throughout the fall and spring semesters. Check the calendar for the deadline of the sport/event that you are interested in playing.

Who is eligible to play intramural sports?

Any WSSU student, faculty, staff or current member of UREC may participate. A current Ram Card or UREC ID card must be must presented each time you participate.

How do I form a team?

Ask other students in your residence hall, classes and clubs if they would like to participate. If you cannot find a team, use the Free Agent section of

Is there a fee to sign-up an Intramural Sports team?

All sports are currently offered at no charge.

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Can I play on more than one team per sport?

Yes, if the sport is offered as Co-Rec (CR) and single gender (M/W), then you may play in the league of your gender and the co-rec league.

What are the responsibilities of a captain?

* Creating a team account after logging in to IMLeagues.
* Attend all captains meetings
* Notify team members of scheduled games (date, location, and time).
* Be familiar with all rules and see that his/her team is aware of these rules.
* Make an effort to ensure his/her team play members play according to the rules of the game
   and conduct themselves appropriately.
* Keep in touch with the Intramural Sports staff for pertinent Intramural Sports information.
* Check to make sure all players are on the roster prior to their last regular season game and
   make sure every player has played at least one regular season game in order to be eligible for
   post-season events.

What are sportsmanship ratings?

Sportsmanship rating will be given to teams after each contest by the Intramural Sports Supervisor and/or officials. These ratings reflect behavior before, during, and after the contest.   These ratings will determine playoff eligibility and continuation of play during the season.

What are the requirements for the playoffs?

* All teams are eligible for playoffs as long as they have participated in regular season.
* Players must be on the roster sheet and have played in at least one regular season game prior
   to the playoffs to be eligible for playoff competition.
* Teams are required to have a positive sportsmanship rating to be eligible for the playoffs.

What is a forfeit?

A forfeit will be assessed for the following reasons:

* A team failing to show up at the appointed playing site, at the scheduled time, or did not notify
   the Intramural Office 24-hours in advance.
* Are guilty of poor sportsmanship behavior and conduct, and the game must be discontinued.
* Use of ineligible players (and the ineligible person will be suspended from participation on any
   team in that activity)
* Not appearing at a scheduled contest.
* Teams will be removed from the league after 2 forfeitures

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What is a default?

A default is a way of alleviating a forfeit. Teams will receive a default if they:

* Show up on time, but fail to have sufficient number of players to make it an official game.
* Cannot make a scheduled game (a loss by default will not be recorded if proper notification has
   been given in advance to the Intramural Office). Otherwise the scheduled game is a forfeit.
* If, during the play of a game, a team (regardless if the team is winning or losing) falls below the
   minimum amount of players needed to continue (due to injuries, etc), the team will default the
* Teams with insufficient rosters or ineligible players.
* Three defaults by the same team in one season will result in the removal from the scheduled

Are there postponements or rainouts?

As a general rule, games will be played rain or shine. Only in in the case of unsafe playing conditions (i.e. lightening, heavy snowfall, large amounts of standing water, extremely cold weather) will games be postponed and/or cancelled.

Intramurals will generally play scheduled games UNLESS the Intramural Office specifically states they have been postponed or cancelled. We recommend that you enter your cell phone number in IMLeagues so that we may text you if games are cancelled.

Are there uniform or attire requirements?

A team must wear matching colors with numbers.  If a team does not have shirts with numbers, scrimmage jerseys will be available.  There are attire requirements for certain sports. Please check the rules for the sport you are playing.

Do I need my RAM Card?

Yes. Any participant who does not have a RAM Card or UREC ID will not be allowed to play. Please visit the Ram Card Office in 203 Thompson to learn about replacement RamCards.

I was ejected from an Intramural Sports game. What should I do?

All ejected players must meet with the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports or a designee before he or she is permitted to participate in future Intramural Sports contests. Ejected players are prohibited from participating in any Intramural Sports contests until they have had their reinstatement meeting.

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