Student Government Association

Purpose, Mission and Vision


The purpose of this organization shall be:

1. To promote the general welfare of the university by improving ideas and standard in keeping with
    the times in which we live.
2. To protect the general welfare of the student body by developing unity among students for the
    benefit of the university.
3. To act in all cases as the governing representative of the student body.
4. To promote student participation in all recognized university activities.
5. To protect the rights, interests (academic and financial) and overall University experience for the
    student body.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Student Government Association to establish a sound governing body of elected individuals to serve the best interests of the collective student body. By taking an oath to efficiently and effectively serve and represent students, we will do this through maintaining strong relationships with the university administration, faculty/staff and the surrounding community while also re-establishing rapport with the students.

SGA Vision Statement

With the assistance of an advisor, to ensure compliance with university protocol, the Student Government Association seeks to be transparent, vigilant and communicative with the student body and university administration so that the needs of the students will be met and a positive image of the institution will remain intact. SGA seeks to promote a quality learning environment where students will be challenged daily in and outside of the classroom. SGA seeks to always provide an opportunity, where possible, for students to openly communicate their experiences through the right avenues.

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