Office of the Dean of Students

Mission and Goals

The Office of the Dean of Students responds to concerns from students and their respective families.  We assist with informational and personal concerns.  Our programs and services contribute to students' personal, academic, and social development.

We provide a caring environment that empowers students to succeed.  The office provides quality and comprehensive programs to help students stay in school, make ethical decisions, stay healthy, and develop life skills for their success on campus and throughout their lives.  Throughout the year we offer outreach activities and awareness campaigns that support our community values and standards to support an environment optimal for learning.

Our Mission

The Office of the Dean of Students contributes to the academic mission of the university and promotes holistic student development through student advocacy and providing a caring environment for students that contributes to student success and their academic, personal, and social development.  We do this by cultivating a culture that is based on the principles of civility, responsibility, service, integrity, and learning.

Our Goals

The Office of the Dean of Students realizes the mission through the following goals that guide our practice:

  • Serve as advocate for students
  • Provide programs and services that educate students on their new responsibilities as members of the WSSU academic community
  • Coordinate processes that uphold the values of respect for others, integrity, excellence, and learning
  • Educate and consult with faculty, staff, and student organizations
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their behaviors and educate them on the ethical decision-making process

Our Departments

The following departments comprise the Office of the Dean of Students:

  • Office of Interpersonal Violence Prevention
  • Office of Student Conduct

All of which support students in their transition to the university and their overall student development.  In addition, these offices support the university community and academic mission by helping to sustain a learning environment that is conducive to student success.

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