Office of the Dean of Students

Students of Concern

Students on many university and college campuses across the country face stressors in their college tenure.  Often times faculty, staff, and fellow students are the first to notice when someone is experiencing struggles or distress.  At WSSU, we value our community and thus offer a variety of services to help students who are experiencing distress, or who are struggling with the demands of their new environment.  In order to support our students in their transition or coping with life's stressors it is important to refer those to campus resources that can help them be successful in our community of scholars.  Some of these resources include:

  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • Office of Interpersonal Violence Prevention
  • Wellness Center
       ♦ University Counseling Center
       ♦ Student Health Services

If you would like to make a report of concerning behavior that is troubling, disruptive, or threatening, please use the behavioral referral form to refer the information to the Ram ASSIST team.  Other ways of reporting concerning behavior include contacting the team's 24 hour hotline at 336-750-3888; or contacting the Office of the Dean of Students at 336-750-3356 or the University Counseling Center at 336-750-3270.  For additional information on the functions of the Ram ASSIST team, refer to the menu on the left for more detailed information that describes concerning behavior and risk levels.

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