The Student Code of Conduct

Tips for Avoiding the Student Conduct Process

1. Follow all local, state, federal, and international laws

2. Follow all WSSU policies

3. Follow directions of University Officials

4. Avoid taking "justice" in your own hands:

a) Report grievances to Police, Faculty, and/or Staff for assistance

b) When in doubt, call Office of Student Conduct

Call (336) 750-3356 for assistance.

5. Follow established grievance procedures

a. Student Issues: Mediation via Office of Student Conduct (336) 750-3463

b. Faculty and Staff Issues:  Contact your supervisor

c. Violence, threat of violence, theft or damage to personal property: Contact University Campus Police at (336)750-2911

6. READ UNIVERSITY EMAILS REGULARLY!!! The method of communication on the campus of WSSU is through the email accounts. Not reading your email is not a justifiable reason for not attending a scheduled Pre-hearing Conference from the Office of Student Conduct.  


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