Getting Involved

Getting Involved

A. Student Conduct Council members are selected in two ways.

i. Students must apply following the application process detailed below each year. Returners only need to express interest and maintain requirements.

ii. Faculty and Staff can be appointed by the Chancellor or other designee each year.

The Student Conduct staff will collect all information and create a file for each case. University Official's only presents cases, calls witnesses, and closes questioning. The University Official's (UO) are persons that present cases on behalf of the University and/or accusing party(s).The UO is not an advisor for the accusing party(s).

University Officials are professional staff/faculty with previous experience as a WSSU Student Conduct Council member. They are appointed after speaking with the Director for Student Conduct and making a request.

B. Advisor/Advocate

Advisors are persons that assist accusing and accused persons with the Student Conduct process to make sure their rights are protected and that they understand the process.

The Student Conduct staff will collect all information and create a file for each case. The Advisor reviews the file with their advisee and attend all meetings with Student Conduct and the initial hearing body. The Advisor will answer any questions that their advisee may have and make suggestions to their advisee throughout the process. The Advisor does not ask or answer questions during meetings and hearings and can not speak for the advisee.

Advisors are professional staff/faculty with previous experience as a Judicial Council member. They are appointed after speaking with the Director of Judicial Affairs and making a request.

Student Conduct Council Member Application Process

In the fall semester of each year, the Office of Student Conduct will conduct the selection process for new council members. Some years, an abbreviated selection process will take place during the spring semester, as required by member turn over.

This process will be advertised through University email. Information is also available from the Office of Student Conduct, Suite 303, Thompson Student Center or by contacting (336) 750-3201.

Potential WSSU Student Conduct Council applicants must:

  • Maintain at least a 2.5 overall grade point average
  • Sign Confidentiality Waiver
  • Be knowledgeable about aspects of the Code of Student Conduct and Preponderance of Evidence standard of decision-making
  • Attend all training sessions
  • Be in good disciplinary standing with the University

The Office of Student Conduct is available to conduct sessions on the student conduct process for student groups, classes, faculty/staff meetings, and for student programs. We will tailor discussions/workshops to your needs. Sample topics include:

  • Tips for avoiding the conduct process
  • Conflict Resolution procedures at WSSU
  • Complying with verbal directions of Staff, Faculty, and Police
  • The Conduct Process at WSSU

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