Foundation Heights Hall Profile

Quick Facts

Established: 2007

Theme Housing:

W.I.S.H - Women In Science and Health

Facility Overview
Number of floors: 5
Number of rooms?  172
Capacity: 311
Elevator? 2
Air Conditioning? Yes
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? No
Kitchen Access? In suites
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Furniture: Fully Furnished

Campus Location:
North: Gaines Center
South:  MLK Dr.
West: Brown Hall
East: Reynolds Park Road

Foundation Heights, opened in 2007. The 114,000 square-foot facility was given its name in honor of the Winston-Salem State University Foundation and its efficiency in meeting the university's needs. Every suite and apartment has a living room and full-sized kitchen, and residents have access to a community computer lab and laundry room.

Room Configurations:

Foundation Heights has four person (2 double bedroom) apartments and eight person (4 double bedroom) super apartments.  Apartments are fully furnished with full kitchens.  

Hall Staff:  


Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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