Housing and Residence Life




Resident's Rights

As a resident student, you are entitled to many rights while living in our facilities. Four of the most important are:

  • The right to academic pursuit (read and study) free from undue interference or harassment (irrespective of quiet hours): One of the basic purposes of the University is the dissemination and application of knowledge. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right. The University will consider behavior that attempts to force a roommate to move out of the room or apartment as sufficient grounds for reassigning the offending residents and/or referral for disciplinary action.
  • The right to sleep, the right to one’s personal belongings, the right to free access in an environment in which you can live: Optimum physical conditions are essential as they support, reinforce and provide for positive conditions in which to learn and live.
  • The right for redress of grievance: If the academic and residential communities are to function in the most educationally profitable manner, the right to initiate actions and referrals or impartial and fair adjudication of grievances is held paramount. Administrative or judicial avenues of appeal are available to all students.
  • The right to enjoy yourself: Since students spend the majority of their time in the residence hall on enjoyment pursuits, they should be able to do them in the safest and friendliest environment. Students should not have to be concerned about those making the environment unfriendly, nor should students engage in activities that inhibit or abuses this right.

Resident’s Responsibilities

Upon choosing to live in the residence halls and apartments, you agree to abide by a certain set of expectations necessary for the safe, smooth operation of the halls and/or apartments, and crucial to the development of an environment conducive to learning. Yet beyond these individual expectations, you also accept a certain degree of responsibility for your community. Specifically, you are asked to voice your objections when others infringe on your rights, to work with staff and other residents to establish the necessary norms and standards for living together, and to assist staff in their efforts to hold residents accountable to those norms and standards they create and accept.

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