Housing and Residence Life

Moving Into Your Room

Moving In at Winston-Salem State University

  • Once you arrive on campus, WSSU Campus Police and Public Safety Officers will direct you to a parking space / area.
  • A driver must stay with the car as it is unloaded, students must go to the check in station located by or inside your building (signs will direct you to it). 
  • At the check-in station, you will get your room key and fill out several different types of information.
  • Next, grab a load from your car and go to your room. Each building has a different system for entry. The freshmen will have the help of the Moving Crew and other campus organizations to carry heavy belongings.
  • Introduce yourself to the student staff person for your floor.

Troubleshooting Contacts

If you arrive to your room/apartment and it is not as you had expected, first go see your Resident Assistant (in the Residence Halls) or Hall Director. They should be able to get you some assistance. If you cannot find them or need further assistance, here are some trouble shooting contacts that can help:

Housing and Residence Life main office - 336-750-3471

Parking for Move-In

(For more information call Campus Police at 336-750-2900)

During move-in, special parking rules apply. More information will follow during the summer months. And of course, members of the WSSU community will be on site during move-in to welcome you and provide directions.


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