Student Handbook 2014

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs is entrusted with the task of establishing and maintaining the academic climate and quality of Winston-Salem State University. Students enjoy a variety of choices for academic majors and are engaged by an excellent faculty. Take the opportunity to become familiar with all of the valuable information listed within this section.

Academic Success Counselors

Proper academic advising, along with institutional support and resources, are vital to your success. Whether you are a first-year student just beginning your collegiate academic experience, a transfer student joining us from another institution, or a continuing student embarking on upper-level major courses, effective guidance in navigating college life can mean the difference between timely graduation and falling short of your academic goals.


New students should attend Orientation prior to the start of the semester to take placement tests (if required), meet with an Academic Success Counselor and register for courses. It is important that new students take time to read the acceptance letter carefully as well as any other literature received from Winston-Salem State University for more details and information. Current students will receive information on the academic advising period before registration begins. To register for classes for the new term, returning students are required to meet with an Academic Success Counselor or Departmental Faculty Advisor to discuss classes to take, holds that exist and to obtain a registration access pin number (Alternate PIN). A student will NOT be able to register for classes without an Alternate pin number. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with your advisor prior to registering for classes.

Changes in Registration

Programs should be carefully planned under the guidance of the academic success counselor or department faculty advisor so that changes in registration will not be necessary. After a student has completed registration, changes may be made only by means of a registration change form.

The courses for which a student is registered at the close of the registration period constitute his/her official registration and course load for the semester. No student will receive credit for any course or courses for which he/she is not properly registered.

Course Loads

The normal load for a regular student is the semester requirement as shown for his/her particular curriculum in the catalog or the program as outlined by the respective departments. Full-time students are those who register for a minimum of 12 SH of credit in a given semester. The maximum course load is 18 SH. No student is permitted to take more than 18 SH unless he/she has a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Students who are on probation are required to carry a reduced load of no more than 13 SH. For information on registration at other institutions while enrolled at WSSU, consult the Undergraduate Catalog available online.

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