Student Handbook 2014

Enrollment Management and Academic Services

Undergraduate Admissions Office

The Admissions office, located in the Anderson Center, receives, screens and processes applications from all individuals seeking admittance to the university. In addition, staff provide pertinent information to prospective students, set recruitment activities and provide additional support specific to the recruitment and enrollment process.

Registrar’s Office

General functions of this office, located in the Thompson Student Services Center, room 202, include the compilation, evaluation, retention, and certification of students’ academic records. Staff members prepare and issue transcripts, counsel and certify veterans, and supervise the registration of all students. This office is responsible for maintaining and securing all educational records for WSSU students.

Library Services

The O'Kelly Library supports and enhances all Winston-Salem State University programs through its relevant, diverse, and current local collection and through resources beyond the library via interlibrary loan and various electronic services. Information requirements of distant users are met. The staff instructs and assists users with all aspects of library services to foster and instill life-long learning. A readily accessible computerized index is maintained of all library holdings and other appropriate records. Sufficient auxiliary services and equipment are maintained at all times to respond to user needs. The staff strives to preserve resources and provide for archiving of university records and related documents.

The library’s website is most often the entrance way to library resources and services. Policies, contact information, list of new books, service hours, along with direct access to the on-line catalog and electronic databases, and other electronic resources are throughout the website.

E-proxy software validates university personnel when they are off-campus. Individuals are encouraged to contact library staff for up-to-date directions on the authentication process necessary to access electronic resources when off-campus.

A web-based version of Innovative Interfaces On-line system maintains all traditional library functions. The computerized index has the bibliographic records of library holdings. The system includes the on-line catalog, patron records, reserve collections, and media holdings which are all searchable from the library website. Resources can be searched by author, title, subject, call number, or format.

A textbook collection (in-library use only for 3 hours), with all titles currently used within the instructional program, is maintained to provide students with convenient access to their assigned texts. The staff works with university bookstore employees to acquire correct titles and editions.

O’Kelly Library maintains a total of 121 public access desktop computers and 52 laptops for public use. Other readily accessible hardware includes ten iPads, fifteen scanners, ten webcams and a host of headphones. In the production lab there are twelve desktop and twenty laptop computers. All equipment must be used in the library. Since the entire campus is wireless, library resources can be accessed via laptop computers in study rooms and in open spaces.

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center is located in the Albert H. Anderson Center, room G19. It houses the children’s literature collection, state adopted textbooks and related materials for grades K-12. Other resources such as curriculum guides, teaching kits and audio-visuals appropriate for elementary and secondary instruction are in the collection. All materials are cataloged by O’Kelly Library technical services. For more information you may contact them at 336-750-8698.

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