Student Handbook 2014

Student Services


The Office of the Dean of Students provides a caring environment for students and contributes to their success and their development as global citizens and future leaders. Our goals for students are to:

1. Serve as their advocate
2. Provide programs and services to help them understand their new
    responsibilities as a university student
3. Empower them with principles that foster personal responsibility
    and educate them on the ethical decision-making process and
    healthy behaviors
4. Support in addressing student concerns and/or complains with
    navigating the university environment

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to helping students
succeed. Students are welcome to visit with the office staff where we
can assist you with any of the following:

1. Referral to campus resources
2. Connect with campus resources if you are experiencing distress,
    difficulties, adjustments, or coping with changes, etc.
3. Support you and your family if you encounter
    extenuating/unexpected life circumstances
4. Return to campus after being absent due to medical or other factors
5. Dean’s certifications


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