Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center

BRIC Organization Structure & Administration

To ensure the complete integration of the BRIC into WSSU's Long-Range Plan leading to the creation of the WSSU's first Ph.D. program in biomedical/behavioral sciences, the Center is headed by the Provost who is the Principal Investigator for the RIMI grant which funded the BRIC center. The PI is assisted by the BRIC Director who makes day-to-day decisions about resources and execution of the center and research projects. The center is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. Thus, the director meets regularly with the PI (or the Dean of the College) and administrative core staff to assist in developing polices that facilitate integration and collaboration between and among cores, projects and the scientists. The director provides, under the direction of the PI or the Dean, oversight to the center.

This organizational structure is meant to maximize the synergies and benefits among improvements to WSSU's institutional research infrastructure, shared resources and research expertise. As the chief academic officer, the Provost oversees the academic mission of the University and is responsible for ensuring the overall academic integrity of the entire institution. The Office is guided by WSSU's long-range strategic plan, which sets the direction for WSSU's academic programs and educational priorities for budgeting, enabling WSSU to serve its students with a coherent curriculum and able faculty.

The organizing body and the mid-stream adjustor of Center is the Advisory Board. This committee is the governing group for the Center, making final decisions on the mid-stream adjustments as a result of evaluations and other matters of administration. This committee will continue to evaluate the progress of the Center and advice regarding the needs of each research project. This committee has eight permanent members. Members were chosen who, collectively, have the needed expertise to provide oversight and assistance in the expansion of WSSU's biomedical research programs, capabilities and competitiveness in biomedical research. Their advise is essential in: (1) monitoring progress in achieving stated objectives and specific aims; (2) developing strategies to augment extramural biomedical research support; and (3) developing additional collaborative efforts between WSSU faculty members and centers of biomedical research excellence. They oversee collaborative relationships among institutions, faculty and students.

The Committee will advise the PI and the Center Director on alternate approaches as required to meet BRIC's goal. Should there be uncertainty regarding a given alternate approach, the Director seeks the advice from the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) RIMI staff on an as-needs basis. The Advisory Board meets twice a year. The Chair of the Board, however, may call additional meetings as required.

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