Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center

BRIC Mission


The mission of BRIC is to establish a sustainable augmentation of institutional biomedical research capability at WSSU and to increase institutional research productivity with particular emphasis on research areas relevant to improving health in minority and underserved populations. Consistent with the objectives of the RIMI Grant and the NCMHD initiatives, BRIC seeks to provide a research infrastructure to developing and leading scientists at minority institutions directly serving vulnerable multicultural populations to facilitate the development of scientifically rigorous, culturally appropriate medical innovations in settings where disparities persist. The purpose guiding BRIC's activities is to become a regional or national research resource for eliminating health disparities by creating a critical mass of well trained research scientists engaged in biomedical and behavioral research at the University, and increasing the quality and quantity of funded health disparities research projects conducted at WSSU. BRIC will leverage its strong interdisciplinary research capacity, community ties, relationships with established research institutions, and collaborative relationships with emerging minority research institutions to accomplish its purpose. The broad and long term goal of the WSSU BRIC is to foster collaborative, multidisciplinary research and apply novel research strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce of health disparities among vulnerable populations and underserved communities.

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