Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center

BRIC Objectives


To achieve the mission of BRIC, the BRIC team seeks to:

  • Provide infrastructure and capacity-building activities that are consistent with the long-term institutional objectives of WSSU
  • increase the number of WSSU faculty who engage in biomedical and behavioral research
  • Increase the number of WSSU faculty who receive extramural funding for biomedical research
  • increase research productivity of WSSU researchers in biomedical and behavioral research
  • Provide intensive student development programs provide research opportunities with productive teacher-scholars who are interested in and committed to mentoring promising students in research.
  • Increase the number of WSSU students who are well-prepared academically and experienced in research to be competitive to gain admission into top graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. or M.D. / Ph.D. in biomedical and behavioral sciences.
  • Foster a long term commitment in students to pursue a career in the biomedical and behavioral sciences through an experience that exemplifies the excitement and challenges of relevant scientific investigation.

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