Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center

BRIC Specific Aims


Specifically, the aims are:

Aim 1: To build institutional research infrastructure by conducting original and innovative biomedical research aimed at improving minority health and eliminating health disparities at WSSU through recruitment of a critical mass of investigators and technical personnel.

Aim 2: To strengthen faculty research and the capacity for research training by renovating and equipping laboratories in a basic research facility shared with its collaborators; creating faculty incentives for developing and executing research proposals; and establishing scientific working groups, especially related to research improving minority health and eliminating disparities.

Aim 3: To prepare students for careers in research. The aim is to increase the pool of minority students who are technically and academically prepared to compete for entry into Ph.D. programs in biomedical or health sciences.

Aim 4: To advance WSSU's institutional goal of establishing the successful, functional, research-training environment necessary to seek authorization from the UNC System to plan, develop and fund a Ph.D. program in biomedical sciences.

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