Winston-Salem State University Mathematics Faceoff

On Wednesday, April 6, 2011, the Eighth Annual Winston-Salem State University Mathematics Faceoff will be held on the WSSU campus. Contestents will compete in two areas: Algebra II and Comprehensive Level Mathematics. 

The objectives of math contest:

  • To stimulate interest in mathematics.
  • To provide recognition for outstanding mathematics students and outstanding mathematics teachers.
  • To provide an opportunity for outstanding students to advance to the state finals and win scholarships.
  • To provide a congenial atmosphere in which to learn of each other's ideas and methods of teaching and learning mathematics.
  • To have a fun and rewarding experience.

Each contestant will compete individually for awards.  In addition to individual awards, winning teams will be determined by the total performance of its four (4) top scoring members in each testing area.  A school sending fewer than four members will not be eligible for a team award. 

Those interested in participating are requested to return the Contest Registration Form on or before March 24, 2011.  Please register on time to ensure inlcusion; furthermore, due to facility capacity, we may have to limit contest participation. Therefore, it is important to send your registration form on time.

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