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Archival materials are unique one of a kind resources and do not circulate. The archives holdings can only be used in the designated archives area.

All patrons must register to use materials and show a current picture identification card.

For preservation purposes no food or drinks are allowed in the research area.

All books, bags, pocket books and satchels are prohibited and should be stored in the designated security area. The Archives reserves the right to inspect any bags or other containers brought into the reading room.

To prevent damage to materials ink pens and markers are prohibited. Pencils and electronic devices such as laptops and tablets can be used for note taking.

All papers and material should be handled carefully and kept in the order in which they are found. Don't place books or other objects on top of papers or file folders.

Photocopying is permissible, if there are no donor or copyright restrictions. The Archives Staff may deny photocopying request if the item is fragile, of exceptional value, or too large. All photocopying is done by Archives staff.

According to North Carolina State Statute #14-398, destruction or theft of library materials is a crime-a misdemeanor if damage is under $50.00 and a felony if above that amount.

Stack areas are closed to researchers and are only open to Archives staff.

Every effort is made to maintain convenient hours, but we reserve the right to close for brief periods when a staff presence cannot be maintained. Persons coming from a distance should make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that they can be accommodated.

When citing materials, proper acknowledgment should be given to Winston-Salem State University Archives. The citation for use in a bibliography is "Winston-Salem State University Archives," followed by the name of the record group or collection. For example, Winston-Salem State University Archives. RG 1.2.1 Simon G. Atkins Collection.


Materials may be copied, with permission from an Archives staff member.

Photographic copies may be made by the staff if the material requested is too fragile.

Copies of unpublished materials or photographs are for personal research use only, and will receive an Archives stamp. They may not be forwarded to another party, reproduced, or deposited in another repository.

There are restrictions on copying official records, fragile materials, and personal papers restricted by a donor.

Please pay copying fees by cash or check; our copier does not take the Ram Card or other photocopy cards, and we keep only limited funds to make change.


The patron assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and literary property rights that may be involved in the use of any document preserved in the Archives.

Permission to examine or to photocopy materials does not constitute permission to publish. Permission to publish must be secured prior to publication.

A fee may be charged for commercial use of records.

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