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Hill Hall

Hill Hall


Construction Date: 1964

Named For: James S. Hill

Hill Hall was constructed in 1964 and houses the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences departments. It was named in honor of businessman and Slater Industrial Academy fundraiser James S. Hill. Hill, a native of Jonesville, South Carolina, graduated from Biddle Institute (now Johnson C. Smith University) in 1889. He later visited Winston-Salem and was so impressed by the thriving municipality that he decided to relocate there. As a result of economic problems caused by the Panic of 1893, it became necessary for Slater Industrial Academy to seek additional financial support. Thus, the school's Board of Trustees asked James Hill to solicit funds for the school. At his own expense, Hill traveled throughout the United States, and specifically in the North, to raise funds for Slater. After 7 years, Hill resigned in 1900 and accepted a similar position at Livingstone College in Salisbury, North Carolina. From 1907 until his death in 1923, Hill was a successful banker.

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