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Mr. Cadd G. O'Kelly

Mr. Cadd G. O'Kelly

Tenure: 1904-1910

Cadd Grant O'Kelly was born February 14, 1865, in Raleigh, North Carolina. After receiving his early education in the public schools of Raleigh, he obtained the Master of Arts and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Lincoln University. After graduating from Lincoln University in 1888, he taught at Kittrell College in Kittrell, North Carolina for seven years. In 1895, he came to Slater Industrial Academy and State Normal School as a teacher of drama, music, and art. However, a year later he returned to Kittrell College to serve as its president. Two years later, in 1898, he returned to Slater as professor of English, Bible, and music. When S.G. Atkins resigned in 1904, O'Kelly was elected principal (now president) of the school.

Having worked under former president Simon G. Atkins, O'Kelly was familiar with the philosophical mission and educational goals of Slater. However, the political climate in the state under "the Educational Governor," C. Brantley Aycock, was at cross-purposes with the interests of Slater and its president. O'Kelly's tenure was marked by significant beautification of the campus, but also continued financial limitations. O'Kelly served as Slater's president for six years, when he resigned to accept the vice presidency of the National Training School at Durham (now North Carolina Central University) in 1910. O'Kelly remained at NCCU for twenty-five years and died in 1939 .

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