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Winston-Salem State University History Quiz

Oh no, not another quiz. Most people associate a quiz with grades and tedious homework but you will find the Winston-Salem State University History Quiz very educational and entertaining.

Now that you have gotten over your fear of taking this quiz, I would like to ask you several questions: How much do you know about the history and legacy of Winston-Salem State University? Do you know a lot, very little or nothing at all about Winston-Salem State University's educational legacy? Do you have that ol' Ram spirit that comes from knowing your school history? If you would like to test your knowledge of Winston-Salem State University history feel free to take the following online quiz.

In order to have a greater chance of answering most of the questions on this quiz, it is highly recommended that you read and study The History of Winston-Salem State University, 1892-1995 by E. Louise Murphy" before taking the quiz. Copies of this book can be found in C.G. O'Kelly Library and in the campus bookstore.

Directions: For each question click on the answer you think is correct. If you click on the wrong answer an X will appear in the corresponding box. Even if you answer wrongly you will learn something.

Good Luck!!

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