Equipment and Software

Equipment and Software

O'Kelly Library has many items for checkout and use within the library.  In addition to the items listed below, there are over 200 Dell desktop computer stations located throughout the library, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis, for a maximum of eight (8) hours. All computers require a login. WSSU patrons log-in with their ID number.  Visiting patrons must get a temporary sign in from the Information Commons Desk.

Note: Files can only be saved on external sources. Please remember to save your work frequently to avoid losing your work!

Hardware Checkout

All hardware items have a 5 hour checkout period, for use inside of the library only. A Ram Card and another form of photo ID are required to check out hardware items. Library Staff will check out items by scanning the item to a patron's account. Staff will not only check it out onto the patron's account, but will also hold/obtain a valid Ram Card for security measures when checking out any of these items. The cards will be safely kept at the Information Commons Desk.

General Information

Copy machines are located on the First Floor, West Wing in Information Commons and on the Second Floor, West Wing just outside of the Media Center. Money for copying must be on your Ram Card. Copies are 10 cents per page.

Image Scanners are located on select computers in the Information Commons area First Floor, West Wing and on the Second Floor East Wing. An Information Commons staff member is available to assist patrons with using the scanners.

USB headsets, microphones, and headphones, can be checked out in Information Commons.

iPads can be checked out in Information Commons.  Patron registration is required each semester for use of these items. They can be used wirelessly anywhere in the building. Upon return, all iPads are inspected and there is a $1,500 fee for lost or damaged equipment.

O'Kelly Library has pc laptops, which are available at the Circulation desk. Patron registration is required each semester to use these laptops. They can be used wirelessly anywhere in the building. Upon return, all laptops are inspected and there is a $1,500 fee for lost or damaged equipment.

Throughout the library are widescreen LCD panels, where information pertaining to the library and its services are posted. Panels located in the Library Foyer, behind the Circulation Desk and in front of the Media Center, are used to update library services and information for patrons.

In the Information Commons area, the panels are used as research tools for group projects. There are also panels in some of the group meeting rooms.

Located in the Information Commons section of the Library are 2 MediaScape Tables and 1 mobile unit. There are MediaScape tables in rooms 305 and 225, as well. The MediaScape Tables allow groups to display what is on a laptop, tablet or smartphone on the LCD panel. Participants can switch between their devices to take turns displaying their screen. MediaScape Tables boost collaboration and help groups excel.

Connection to the tables requires a HDMI cord. HDMI connector cables are available for checkout from Information Commons.

Two Microfiche/film readers are in the library. One is located on the Second Floor, East Wing, on the Thompson Center side and the other is located in the WSSU Archives area, First Floor, East Wing. Both locations are equipped with a printer. Microforms are arranged in alphabetical order by the title of the journal, on the Second Floor, East Wing. The collection of materials includes some titles, prior to 2000 and various current volumes.

Patrons often need to make copies or print materials, Print Management Stations are provided for this use. Patrons use Print Management Stations to control their printing or copying needs by accessing the Print Management Screens. There are three stations: First Floor, West Wing in the Information Commons area; Second Floor East Wing, near room 206; and Second Floor West Wing near the Media Production Lab entrance.

Documents created on computers on the first floor are printed at the first floor print station. Documents created on the second and third floor computers are printed at the second floor print stations. Money for printing must be on your Ram Card in order to print. Printing is 10 cents per page. All print jobs not printed by the end of the day are automatically canceled by the print management software.

Most library services require you to have funds available on your Ram Card. The Ram Card Machine allows patrons to add money on their Ram Card and it is located on the First Floor, East Wing, in the alcove corner, left of the main entrance. Here you can add $1 to $5 to your card. The machine only accepts bills.

Replacement cards are purchased from the Ram Card office in the Thompson Center. Students can also place money on their Ram Card in the Cashier's Office located in the Thompson Center.

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