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Contact the Media Center

Media Desk: 336-750-2451
Media Production Lab: 336-750-8689

Media Production Lab appointments can be made in advance by calling the lab or the Media Desk.

The Media Center closes 30 minutes before the rest of the library, the hours of operation during regular session are:

MON-THUR:   8:30 am - 12:30 pm
FRI:   8:30 am -  5:30 pm
SAT: 10:30 am -  3:30 pm
SUN: 12:30 pm -12:30 am


The Media Production Lab hours of operation during regular session are:

MON-THUR: 9:00 am-8:00 pm
FRI: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

The Media Center, located on the Second Floor, West Wing, is your one-stop-shop for media-related material. This area houses the educational media and popular DVD collections, as well as the Media Production Lab.

Below is a playlist of videos created by the Media Production Lab staff:

To see more videos produced by the Media Center Staff please go to the C.G. O'Kelly YouTube Channel.

DVD/Video Checkout
WSSU students, faculty, and staff may checkout popular DVD's for three (3) days.

ONLY faculty members can checkout educational DVD’s and videos: other patrons can view them in the Media Center.

Failure to return materials after the allotted three (3) day checkout will result in account suspension for a minimum of 45 days and possible fines.

Media Production Lab

The Media Production Lab is located in the rear of the Media Center. This lab, originally designed for Mass Communications and Fine Arts students, is geared towards students who have more advanced audio-visual projects to work on and have experience in using advanced software for audio and video editing, photo manipulation, desktop publishing and animation. Lab users must sign-in for each visit and meet certain requirements to use the computers and software. Walk-in are welcome but appointments are preferred.

The lab features eight (8) Apple Mac Pro workstation with dual monitors, four (4) Dell workstation with dual monitors, and a sound recording booth. Apple and Dell laptops are also available for use (within the lab only). Available software includes: Adobe create Suite, Final Cut Pro, Windows Live Movie Maker, the iLife Suite, and Poser.

Patrons must bring an external hard drive and cables to save any files produced in the lab.

There is no Internet access on the computers in the lab.

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