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Animal Behavior

This website serves as an information portal for all aspects of an NSF-funded research project at Winston-Salem State University. Beginning in 2012, and running until 2017, faculty at WSSU will use NSF funds to conduct research into animal social behavior, and to increase educational opportunities in Animal Behavior for students on campus. Students will work in the lab using computer models and video analysis, and will have opportunities to conduct field research in Texas on bat social behavior. Each summer, 2-3 students will join the faculty and post-docs at national and international conferences on animal behavior. Beginning in 2014, and continuing each semester thereafter, freshman and sophomore students will be able to enroll in a seminar course on Animal Behavior taught by the principle investigator, Dr. Viscido.

Latest News:

Behavioral Ecology Internship

Each semester, our lab employs two undergraduate students in Biology, Mathematics, or Computer Science.  Students work 10 hours per week to conduct cutting edge research in the modeling or statistical analysis of animal social behavior. We are now taking applications for the Spring 2014 term. Applications are open until November 21, 2013.

Recent Publication:

Viscido, S.,  Holmes, E.,(2010) Statistical modelling of communities and ecosystems using the LAMDA software tool,Environmental Modelling & Software, 25 :1905-1908

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