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Donald Mac Thompson

Dr. Donald Mac-Thompson
Associate Professor of Political Science

All Winston-Salem State University students are welcome to enroll in courses offered by the department to satisfy the university’s general education requirements in the social sciences or to fulfill the elective requirements of their major and minor programs.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in each of the following areas:

Minor Program offered:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Social Sciences is fourfold:

  • To support the university’s general and continuing education programs by offering academic instruction in the social sciences to all Winston-Salem State University students;
  • To offer specialized instruction in History, Political Science, Justice Studies and African & African-American Studies to majors and minors in the social sciences to prepare them for successful employment and for entry into reputable graduate and professional schools;
  • To pursue the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge through scholarly research in the main disciplines in the department; and
  • To equip our majors and minors with creative problem-solving skills that will enable them to make important contributions to the social, political and economic development of the world and their communities through their high ethical standards and commitment to improving the human condition.

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