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History - Academic Requirements


Students who seek the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in history must complete a total of 36 hours of history. Majors must take HIS 1301 and HIS 1302. HIS 1302 will not satisfy a core requirement for history majors. [History majors must take American Government (POS 2311), General Psychology (PSY2301), and General Sociology (SOC 2301).] The six-hour United States survey courses (HIS 2306 and HIS 2307) are also required for all majors. The remaining 24 hours must be coursework on the junior and senior levels in the following areas: three hours of Black-American history; three hours of European history; three hours of Third World history—either Africa, Asia, or Latin America; a research course in the senior year—either Materials and Methods of Research in Black-American History (HIS 4347) or Historiography (HIS 4316); and 12 additional hours of history courses at the junior or senior levels. History majors not seeking certification in social studies at the secondary level are required to select a minor from another field. History majors must have a grade of C or higher in each class of the 36 semester hours of history classes in the major.

The following courses are required as support courses for those who choose a minor: three hours of geography; three hours of philosophy; three hours of political science beyond the core; Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 2312); and six hours of a research skill. The research requirement can be satisfied by

taking six hours of a foreign language at the intermediate level or six hours of computer science-related courses.


Students seeking a minor in history must complete 24 semester hours of history. The following courses are required: World Civilization (HIS 1301 and HIS 1302) and United States History surveys (HIS 2306 and HIS 2307), three hours of Black-American History, and nine additional hours of history courses at the junior and senior levels. Students seeking a minor in history must have a grade of C or higher in each class of the 24 semester hours of history coursework in the minor.


Fall Spring
ENG 1301 Freshman Comp I 3 ENG 1302 Freshman Comp II 3
BIO 1301 General Biology I 3 MUS 1301 Introduction to Music or  
MAT 1311 College Mathematics I or   ART 1301 Introduction to Art 3
MAT 1323 Fund/Mathematics 3 HIS 1302 World Civilization II 3
HIS 1301 World Civilization I 3 POS 2311 American Government 3
HED 1201 Health Education 2 PHS 2336 Physical Science 3
FYC 1103 Freshman Seminar 1 PHS 2316 Physical Science Lab 1
        PED   Physical Education 1
15 17
Fall Spring
ENG 2301 World Literature I 3 HUM 2310 African-American Culture 3
PYS 2301 General Psychology 3 SOC 2301 General Sociology 3
SPY 2341 Fundamentals of Speech 3 HIS 2307 US History Since 1865 3
HIS 2306 US History to 1865 3 ECO 2312  Principles of Macroeconomics 3
FLS xxxx Intermed. Foreign Language or   FLS xxxx Intermed. Foreign Language or  
CSC xxxx Computer Science 3 CSC xxxx Computer Science 3
15 15
Fall Spring
HIS 3341 Black American History to 1865 or   HIS 3323 History of England or  
HIS 3342 Black American History since 1865 or   HIS 3356 Modern Russian History or  
HIS 3345 Blacks in Urban America Since 1945 3 HIS 4366 Medieval History 3
GEO xxxx Geography Elective 3 HIS 4331 History of Africa or  
PHI xxxx Philosophy Elective 3 HIS 3332 History/Pol East Asia or  
POS xxxx Political Science Elective 3 HIS 4372 Latin America since 1824 3
    Minor Elective 3 HIS xxxx History Elective 3
            Minor Elective 3
            Elective 3
15 15 
Fall Spring
HIS 4347 Mat/Meth. Research Black History or   HIS xxxx History Elective 3
HIS 4316 Historiography 3 HIS xxxx History Elective 3
HIS xxxx History Elective 3     Minor Electives 6
    Minor Electives 6     Elective 3
    Elective 3        
15 15


General Education Core Requirements in bold type

*To graduate, history majors must have at least 122 semester hours and an overall grade point average of 2.0.

They must also have a grade of C or higher in each class of the 36 semester hours of the history courses in the major. Each student must have at least 40 semester hours of upper division coursework.

Minor requirements vary. The paradigm above contains an 18-hour minor, the most common requirement.  If, however, a minor requires more than 18 hours or if support courses satisfy a minor’s requirements, the free elective total in the paradigm will change.

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