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Winston-Salem State University knows that you have a lot of questions to ask and decisions to make about what courses to take and eventually what majors to pursue.  Therefore the university provides you with a group of advisors who will assist you in making good decisions about your educational experiences.

Faculty Advisors

First and foremost in line to help you are your academic advisors.  You will meet your general curriculum advisor early in the orientation process.  This faculty member is going to talk with you about your interests, your goals, the courses you took in high school, and then will help you pick your first set of courses.  Your faculty advisor may or may not be in the academic discipline where you ultimately decide to major but they will be knowledgeable about the general curriculum and the courses you need to take before entering an academic major (these are called pre-requisite courses throughout this webpage and the academic catalog).  Sometime during your sophomore year, and after you have decided on a major program, you will be introduced to your major program academic advisor.  This faculty member will help you navigate the requirements for the major and graduation and assist you in locating additional opportunities for learning and experience related to your major field.  Faculty advisors know the curriculum.  Go to your faculty advisor when you need help working through decisions about courses, majors, graduate school, and careers.

Academic Advising Center Advisors

Advisors in the university’ advising center will assist you with identifying academic and other support services, check in with you to make sure you are making good academic progress, assist you in working with the business processes at the university, and serve as a backup should you need advice when your academic advisor is unavailable.  You will meet them the first day you are on campus during orientation.  They know how things work on campus so go to them when you need help with a process.

Supplemental Advisors

You may also have additional advisors who help you through the requirements of special programs such as Honors and being an intercollegiate student-athlete.  Two professional programs, nursing and education, have a secondary admission process in order to enter the major.  These programs have advisors that work with students to make sure that they take the necessary pre-requisite courses, take advantage of special support services, and meet the other requirements required to apply to the programs.  Your faculty advisor or Advising Center advisor will be able to help you find these supplemental advisors and services.


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