Area of Knowledge, Learning Outcomes and Curricular Themes  

Q:  Can one general education course satisfy more than one general education requirement.

A:  Courses in the general education inventory can meet multiple outcomes. For instance, a single course if so designed can address Critical Thinking (Learning Outcome), Natural Science (Area of Knowledge), and Sustainability (Curricular Theme). 

Composition Class Requirement   

Q:  Do all freshmen have to take a writing class. 

A:  Writing fundamentals are very important in completing assignments and communicating ideas.  Therefore, WSSU wants every student to have a good foundation in writing.  Students can meet the requirement in a few ways.  First, they can take a Level I or Level II composition class at WSSU (see “Choosing a Composition Class” in the Toolbox).  Secondly, they can transfer in a writing class.  Third, they could have taken AP English Language Writing test and scored a 3 or higher.

Q:  I took a WSSU composition class but it does not seem to meet any general education requirements.

A:  Actually the composition class should meet a Written Communication Learning Outcome requirement of which there are four.  It does not meet an Area of Knowledge requirement or a Curricular Theme requirement.

Developmental Skills Requirements 

Q:  I have to take developmental reading.  Why can’t I take a biology class?

A:  The faculty determined that to be successful in biology courses students need to be able to read at a particular level.  Therefore, until students complete developmental reading they should not take a biology class.

Liberal Learning Seminars (LLS)  

Q:  Does the LLS meet one of the learning outcome requirements?

A:  The Liberal Learning Seminar is a standalone requirement.  The LLS course does not satisfy any of the learning outcomes, area of knowledge or curricular theme requirements.

Q:  All the LLS sections are full.  What should I do?

A:  There will be more LLS courses offered next semester so wait and take one then.

Transfer and Advance Placement (AP) Credit 

Q:  If a student brings AP credit from HS, will the credit count towards general education requirements? 

A:  WSSU processes AP Credit just like transfer credit.  If the university received the score from the College Board, the course should appear on the student’s WSSU on-line transcript.  Once the credit is accepted by WSSU, the credit will satisfy the Area of Knowledge and/or the Learning Outcome just like the course the credit is replacing.  For example, the General Education guidelines state that, “if students have taken the AP English Language Writing test, and they score a 3 or above, they do not need a Level I composition course.”  Therefore the AP credit would satisfy a Written Communication requirement as this is what a Level I composition class satisfies.  It does not satisfy an Area of Knowledge requirement because WSSU composition classes do not satisfy any Area of Knowledge requirement.

NOTE:  For most medical schools, AP tests in biology, chemistry, and physics do not fulfill the premedical requirements.  Most medical schools require that biology, chemistry, and physics be taken in college.

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