learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

The General Education framework at Winston-Salem State University is designed to help students develop and hone a basic set of transferable skills.  These skills include strong written and oral communication as well as great depth in critical thinking.  Other skills such as creativity and problem solving ability rank high among the desired outcomes.  Such skills will prepare students to better engage their major course of study.  Moreover, these skills are viewed as especially significant given our global knowledge based economy where it is predicted that today’s graduates will have at least 10 different jobs during their work career.  A strong skill base affords students the flexibility needed to adapt and change as the world continues rapid transformation.  The major skills focused on in the General Education core are:

Critical Thinking: analyze, synthesize or deconstruct, interpret and evaluate information and concepts across or within a discipline to solve problems. 

Critical Reading: extract, decode, evaluate, interpret, and construct meaning through interaction with written language. 

Written Communication: use appropriate language, conventions, organization, supporting evidence, and content to effectively communicate in writing for the purpose and audience. 

Oral Communication: use appropriate language, conventions, elocution, poise, organization, supporting evidence, and content to effectively communicate through the spoken word for the purpose and audience. 

Scientific Literacy: exhibit knowledge of scientific concepts and processes and ability to engage the scientific method towards informing decision making and participation in civic, social, cultural, and economic affairs. 

Quantitative Literacy: understand and create arguments that are supported by empirical evidence and clearly communicate those arguments in a variety of formats such as using words, tables, graphs, mathematical equations, as appropriate. 

Information Literacy: identify, locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and responsibly to increase understanding.

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