Campus Cable Access Channels

Coordination of programming of the three campus access channels.  Technical support to provide quality control and switching between live feeds and playback of recorded programs.

Channels 6 (Campus Bulletin Board) displays current information, announcements and event information.

Channels 69-1 (RAM-TV) carries  student produced programming from the Department of Mass Communications and Media Studies TV Studio in Hall-Patterson.

Channels 69-2 (CAMPUS ACCESS) provides general academic and informational programming campus faculty, students and staff.  

Full Channel Lineup 

For more information on submitting announcements (Channel 6) and programming (Channel 69-2), contact Karen Dominique at 336-750-2680 or

For information on Channel 69-1 programs contact Cole Russing of RAM-TV at 336-750-2784.

Digital Tuner (QAM)

The Campus Cable system has 134 channels. Channels 2 to 35 are received by an analog tuner (NTSC) and channels 36-1 to 69-2 require a digital tuner (QAM). The lineup was configured by Time/Warner for WSSU and is different from the commercial lineup available in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.

To setup a TV to the current channel lineup, you can access the menu and run a channel scan/setup.

If a TV set does not have a digital tuner, you will need to connect an external QAM channel converter to receive the full campus channel lineup.

Please note that ATSC is the digital format for over-the-air digital broadcast, QAM is the format for digital cable channels. Check the specifications on your TV to confirm the internal tuner for your set.

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