Campus Network Connectivity

WSSU students, faculty, and staff connecting their computers to the WSSU network are required to use the university's antivirus software. This software is provided free. All computers running Windows or Mac OS X operating system must have CISCO NAC Agent (Clean Access) antivirus installed before connecting to the WSSU network.
Clean Access is a network authentication and validation security system that all residence halls and wireless network devices utilize. This system ensures that all users of our networks have a valid WSSU account established, and that the computers they utilize have the latest virus software installed and operational.

This system does require our users to update their systems with the latest virus definitions, as well as requiring the latest Microsoft patches and security updates prior to gaining network access. The system is fully automated in determining what your computer does not currently have installed, and providing online remediation steps to the user to correct any problems.

Although there is no security system that will completely prevent the possibility of infection from viruses, we have experienced a dramatic reduction in reported infections since the deployment of Clean Access. 

How to Connect Your Computer to the WSSU Network

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