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Reporting Incidents/Problems/Concerns
There are times when an application may malfunction or there is a misunderstanding concerning how the application should function. When this occurs, the user should first ensure that the application is being used as documented and that data and procedures are correct. Once this is done, an Incident Report can be filed by calling User Support at ext. 2762. The incident should be reported by the person experiencing the situation. The full error message tasks being performed, and why it is believed the application may be malfunctioning are to be included in the report. Incidents for production application take top priority. The next priority is incidents for test applications, followed by development applications.

Once a solution has been provided and the user has been notified, the user is to test within three (3) business days and notify the Data Center of acceptance or additional concerns via e-mail. Once notification of acceptance has been received, the resolution will be placed into production within two (2) business days.

The Request for Technical Services form should be used whenever new services are needed.

Requesting Department must:

  1. Submit an Incident Log (Attachment C) or call the User Support area at ext. 2762.
  2. Give a detailed description of the incident and all associated error messages including screen prints, if possible.
  3. Verify that the incident has been corrected, after notification that the incident has been resolved.

AIS will:

  1. Receive, log and evaluate the incident.
  2. Assign to the proper area for resolution.
  3. Research and resolve the incident.
  4. Report unresolved incidents after five days to next incident handling level.
  5. Report solution of incident to the user and perform related training if required.
  6. File the incident for reference.

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