Systems Analysis/Programming Support

All requests for technical services must be submitted in writing on the Request for Technical Services form located in AIS. The Request for Technical Services Form is used to request new application services to programs, screens, files, processes, etc. The Incident Report Form is used to report problems/incidents/concerns. Once a request is received, it is logged and an Acknowledgment Letter  is sent within five (5) business days. The requesting department is assigned a number and informed of the action that is taken. The Acknowledgment Letter is sent by E-mail with a hard copy following. Systems Analysis/Programming Support must be requested by submitting a Request for Technical Services to AIS.

The Requesting Department must:
  1. Submit a Request for Technical Services form to AIS.
  2. Submit the request as soon as the need is known. The amount of time to complete the request depends on the scope of the request. The user must provide ample time for the Data Center to complete the request and meet the deadline.
  3. Review the time allotted for the project and determine if the project should continue.
  4. Notify the Data Center if the services are still needed by having the department chairperson initial the Acknowledgment Letter and return it to AIS.
  5. When the project is completed:
    1. Test the application to ensure it meets the user’s needs.
    2. Notify the Data Center if any adjustments are needed.
    3. Notify the Data Center of acceptance and give authority to move it into production via the Acknowledgment Letter.  
AIS will:
  1. Evaluate all requests for feasibility and assign to the appropriate person.
  2. Notify the user on disposition of the request regarding the cost of the request via the Acknowledgment Letter.
  3. Upon user’s approval of time schedule, the request will be scheduled based upon AIS priorities, workload, and the user’s deadline.
  4. Design, develop, document and test the application to complete the request.
  5. Move the application into production upon receipt of the signed Acknowledgment letter from the user.
  6. Train the user in use of the application if necessary.

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