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Majors in the Department of Economics and Finance

The major of Business Administration, introduced in 2005, is designed to meet the needs of students who seek key knowledge in each of the business disciplines: accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing. This degree, while not specializing in any one area, is ideal for those who plan on continuing current careers after graduation, or who run their own small business and need to know every discipline.

The major of Economics, which offers the broadest examination of the principles of business, is the ideal pre-graduate-school major in the business school. This major is not only a popular option for those continuing toward a Masters or Doctoral degree in economics, but is also a sound background for those seeking law school admittance. Also, as the most philosophical business major, the economics major serves as a superb partner in a double-major pursuit. 

The major of Finance serves two ends. First, graduates are fully prepared to enter the corporate world as financial managers who oversee monetary policies. Second, graduates are prepared toward sitting for the Certified Financial Planner ® Exam. Certified Financial Planner ® Certificants are known as ethical and knowledgeable financial advisors. Given that the days of pension plans are fading, and workers need to design and oversee their own financial futures, financial planners are in high demand.

All course descriptions can be reviewed in the WSSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Minors in the Department of Economics and Finance

The minor in Business is for non-business majors who want to prove possession of rudimentary business skills to potential employers. After all, everyone participates in the business world, so you should prepare yourself.

The minor in Economics, which is flexibly designed, permits students to demonstrate on their transcripts that they have a solid understanding of one area within economics. Businesses rise and fall in accordance with the economies around them, so having at least a grounding in economics will help graduates proactively adjust.

The minor in Financial Services equips graduates with the background and basic knowledge of finance, and one area of advanced knowledge. This minor is a powerful choice for any non-finance major who would like to signal competence in a financial area to potential employers.

The minor in Legal Studies is designed to prepare students for applying to, and succeeding in, law school. This minor is designed to complement a wide variety of undergraduate majors, as law schools admit top-quality students from any major.

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