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Graduate Testimonials

"WSSU provided me the affordability and flexibility to pursue a quality education; I learned a great deal from the highly qualified and experienced teachers in the program that enabled me to apply those teachings to the real world. In a typical workplace, you might have five minutes or less to examine an issue and make a decision. The WSSU MBA program offers one the chance to step back from their day-to-day activities, exchange ideas with fellow students from many different careers, industries, walks of life, and have uninterrupted time to think a problem through; an opportunity one may hardly ever get at home or at work."

Osei Appiagyei
Class of 2011


"Diversity is not a regulatory thing at jobs anymore! It is our business world today. WSSU MBA provides a diverse student body and diverse faculty. The product is diversity aware, diversity comfortable and diversity leveraging business savvy professional."

Paddy Kamatkar
Business Intelligence Lead/Architect, Essent Guaranty, Inc
Class of 2011


"The MBA program at Winston-Salem State University offered opportunities to apply what was taught in the classroom. Through competitions and various research projects, Winston-Salem State stood strong against top-ranked MBA programs. The quality of education at WSSU can't be beat!"

Miranda Dalton
Class 2010


"WSSU was the right cultural fit for me. It is a school that is classroom centered and has renowned professors. With my healthcare background the WSSU's MBA program prepared my for my current position."

Tiyi N. Moori
Business advisor, productivity consultant


"The size of the program provided the opportunity to get to know your classmates and professors, which facilitated the creation of a team-oriented environment."

Stanley E. Williams
Chief Finance Officer
Warren County Schools, Warrenton, NC
Class of 2009


"My WSSU MBA gave me knowledge of important business applications. But it also instructed my intellect by providing guidance on how to use that knowledge to prosper personally and contribute to the economic growth of our society."

Meri Mulalic
Marketing Manager at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC
Class of 2007


The WSSU MBA has been invaluable for my career. I received my MBA in December 2007 and have been promoted 5 times since receiving my degree. Having the business knowledge being a senior manager in an IT organization has helped me to be more well-rounded in my professional career."

Lisa Dulong
Class of 2007


I chose WSSU because when I began my MBA, I was over fifty. I looked at the cost of other area programs and I could not see a certain pay-back on my investment with their tuition rates. I also had found that programs that had both a day and evening program did not tailor their coursework to the evening student who held a full time job while continuing their education, which made success near impossible. To expect the same time commitment from a full-time student with no other obligations and a person with family responsibilities, and a job to consider is a factor that many applicants don't even consider. The coursework at WSSU allowed me to balance family, job and education with minimal adjustments of time and effort.

Tom Henry
President and Senior Consultant of Burlington Consulting Associates
Class of 2007

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