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The Professional Development Center (PDC) was created with two primary purposes: First, to enhance and further develop students’ leadership skills and their preparedness for workplace practical experiences, and second, to provide a central location in the SBE which would facilitate student access and continuous engagement with leadership, experiential and professional development programs. The Professional Development Center was partially funded, initially, by a grant from Altria Client Services and was founded in 2009 by then Associate Dean, Dr. Kathy Stitts and Dr. Sharon White. In Fall of 2010, Mr. Don Wood took the helm as the first director of the center located in room 008 of the R. J. Reynolds Center.

To accomplish its stated purposes, PDC focuses on developing students in three important dimensions: 

1. Impression Management

Image is a student’s signature. At the Professional Development Center, we help students understand and grow comfortable with the kind of image that wins in the business world.

2. Personal and Professional Development

The three hallmarks of the School of Business and Economics, leadership, professionalism, and practical experiences, comprise the key indicators employers use as predictors of future success for potential candidates for employment. Personal development takes into account the whole person. We want students to be aware of the dynamic synergy that exists among the many facets of life. Intellectual growth, physical vitality, professional development and the power of leadership potential are critical components of a truly effective life experience. Fine-tuning the interaction among these components is the foundational task of personal development.

At PDC we take the time to listen to and assist students in their quest for real balance in their programs. Holistic, productive living is a key to finding your true purpose and to being healthy enough to get the most from your future. PDC steers students to the many vital services that exist on campus that are designed to develop a well-rounded person.

3. Networking and Industry Awareness

What does it take to succeed? What are the best sources of career information? Who’s hiring and what skills do students need to make it in their fields? All of these questions need answers and at the Professional Development Center we deliver. We bring in industry professionals who share rich insights with students about the real world issues confronting today’s workforce. 

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