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Mr. Donald Wood

Mr. Donald Wood
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What it is?
The Winners Circle is a program of the Professional Development Center (PDC)—a service of the School of Business and Economics at Winston-Salem State University.  Its mission is to draw students into an intense focus on strong impression management skills and the practice of active professionalism during the academic phase of their careers. Our slogan, “Connect!,” challenges students to reach for ways to sharpen their personal brands through a concentrated series of workshops and presentations designed to instill the confidence and competence needed to build and sustain strategic professional relationships. Participants who complete the Winners Circle program will put an impressive achievement on their resumes. They’ll receive recognition at the Winners Circle pinning ceremony, a write-up in university press and local media. An attractive, gold, Winners Circle pin will be theirs along with a chance to use their newly refined soft-skills as they network with key Winners Circle professional mentors. But beyond these tangible, short-term benefits are some magnificent permanent rewards: a career of choice, greater polish, effective assertiveness, a sharper personal image, and greater self-esteem. These long-term benefits are of inestimable value when it comes to insuring each participant’s future advancement.

Who is Eligible?
The Winners Circle program is open to all business majors of all academic classifications who are prepared to engage in intense self-improvement activity in a concentrated timeframe.

How it works
Invitations are extended to interested students in the fall semester. Those who accept, attend the Winners Circle Info-Reception. Students register then for the fall certification series and spring leadership series, which include the following activities:

  1. Winners Circle Resume/Cover-letter Boot Camp
  2. The Internship Forum
  3. Winning the Interview Game: Workshop and Intensive Interview sessions
  4. Smart Choices: Personal Money Management.
  5. Two Mentoring sessions
  6. Time Management
  7. On-Point Leadership: Keys to quality decision-making
  8. Pass the Salt: Dining Etiquette for Future Leaders

All professional development sessions will take place during fall semester with leadership activities during the spring. At the completion of the certification series, students make group presentations on the areas of engagement covered. The cohort graduates as certified members of the Winners Circle.

Pinning Ceremony and Reception
The event will feature university and local business presenters.  Winners Circle candidates will be awarded pins by the dean of the School of Business & Economics. A portrait will be taken of the graduating class that will be displayed at the PDC.

How you can participate
Bring your invitation card to the Winners Circle Info-Reception. Sign in at our electronic registry. Pick up your schedule of activities and prepare for an intense but rewarding series.

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