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Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology program at WSSU is specifically designed for students who wish to merge the scientific mind with the analysis of exercise. This program the requires the mastery of a physiological and anatomical knowledge base, proficiency in scientific writing, and the competent execution of many "hands-on" laboratory techniques including; exercise strength/endurance testing and prescription, electrocardiogram/electromyography analysis and body composition assessment using state-of-the-art equipment. Students will have the opportunity to spend numerous hours in the exercise testing laboratory learning to understand how the human body is influenced by exercise.


The mission of the Exercise Physiology program is to produce skilled practitioners who are able to develop and implement safe and effective physical activity programs for apparently healthy adults in a variety of different environments and who are equipped to successfully pursue graduate studies in exercise science and allied health.

Career Opportunities:

Successful completion of the Exercise Physiology curriculum prepares students for a wide array of employment opportunities in four basic fields: academia, corporate wellness, strength and conditioning and clinical exercise physiology. See FAQ's for more career options.

Curriculum Requirements:

The Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology requires the successful completion of 120 hours of course and professional work to qualify for graduation.  

Program Requirements:

Students must first be in good academic standing in order to apply for admission to the program. Furthermore, to qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, students must complete all 120 credit hours with a C or better in each of their major courses.

Professional Work Requirements:

In addition to the coursework for obtaining a degree in Exercise Physiology is a 200 clock-hour (9-credit) internship at an Exercise Physiology-related site. These sites may include cardiopulmonary/cancer and/or diabetes rehabilitation centers and corporate wellness, community health and/or athlete training centers. Here students will gain valuable insight to their chosen career path within the health sciences field while working with their clinical supervisor.

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