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Exercise Testing & Research Laboratory

The exercise physiology exercise testing & research laboratory is housed in the south wing of the Ray Health Building at WSSU.  The laboratory includes state of the art instrumentation for resting and exercise oxygen consumption, ECG monitoring, pulmonary assessment and neuromuscular evaluation using BIOPAC© systems.  Exercise equipment includes one clinical/research treadmill, a Monark© cycle ergometer and a LODE© cycle ergometer.  Musculoskeletal strength and neuromuscular reaction time can be measured using a Load Cell apparatus.  In addition, the laboratory has a 42” plasma television used during exercise testing and monitoring.

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory

The undergraduate teaching laboratory is housed adjacent to the exercise testing and research and body composition laboratory in the south wing of the Ray Health Building.  It includes musculoskeletal fitness testing equipment and other apparatuses for submaximal fitness testing.

Body Composition Laboratory

The Exercise Science body composition laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment. It consists of a Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorbiometry (DEXA) for bone density assessment and accurate body composition analysis, which may also include multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance and skinfolds.

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