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A Degree For Both.

Welcome to The Department of Healthcare Management in the School of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University.  The faculty and staff wish you the best in the pursuit of an extraordinary educational experience where our motto is: “A mind for business.  A heart for healthcare.  A degree for both.”  We ask that you continue to visit our website.  It offers you an opportunity to gain information about the profession and the program.  We will be happy to answer your questions.  Therefore, feel free to contact us when the need arises. 


The mission of the Department of Healthcare Management is to prepare highly qualified and culturally competent leaders in healthcare and health-related professions.


The vision of the Department of Healthcare Management is to become a premiere and world class academic program for the education and preparation of professionals in healthcare management.

What is Healthcare Management?

Healthcare management is a growing, diverse field of study that incorporates business managerial functions in healthcare and in healthcare related environments.  The profession offers flexibility and the potential for advancement with additional experience and further education.  As important, this field of study offers the chance for graduates to have a positive influence on the healthcare of individuals and communities. Graduates have opportunities to work at entry-level positions in the following settings: assisted-living facilities, community and government agencies, health insurance companies, hospital departments, and long term care facilities.  

The graduates of this program should be prepared to . . .

  1. communicate effectively in oral and written formats
  2. demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors
  3. demonstrate sensitivity to disparities, cultural and individual differences
  4. demonstrate effective critical thinking skills, including analytical reasoning and problem-solving abilities
  5. determine organizational, team, and leadership requirements for effective people and client   management
  6. assess own strengths and areas needed to improve
  7. demonstrate knowledge in courses related to health sciences, healthcare and business management
  8. perform at entry-level in healthcare related activities bound by undergraduate courses in liberal arts, health sciences, healthcare and business management 

Five Reasons You Want To Be A Part of the Healthcare Management Profession

  • You are committed to excelling in a rigorous and challenging curriculum and profession.
  • You want to work as an ethical and legal professional to bring about social change to improve health and wellness of individuals and communities.
  • You value diversity in order to achieve cultural competence and ensure health equity.
  • You seek constructive feedback from all participants for self-improvement and to improve healthcare delivery.
  • You want to participate as a leader and team member in experiential opportunities for professional growth

Where is the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management located?

In the FL Atkins Building!
F L Atkins Building

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Phone: (336) 750-2000

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