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Licensure Advising

The Licensure Officer ensures ongoing assistance with licensure applications for initial standard professional licensure, add-on as well as “M” level licensure for teacher candidates upon completion of various teacher preparation programs.  The Licensure officer also assist University faculty in applying for and renewing teaching licensure.

Licensure Services                               

Advising for the following students:

  • Teacher Licensure: Students who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited institution and are returning to pursue licensure in an area of interest.  Teacher Licensure candidates must have their transcripts evaluated by the appropriate program coordinator for the purpose of establishing a program of study.
  • Lateral Entry: Students who are employed by an area school district and serve as a teacher in North Carolina.  Lateral entry licenses are authorized on a provisional basis in major areas of academic study for which the state has established licensure and follow a plan that is established by the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC). 
  • Second Degree: Students who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited institution and are returning to pursue another degree, including licensure, in an area of interest.  Second degree candidates must adhere to the same requirements as degree-seeking candidates. (General education curriculum, specialty area courses, professional studies courses and second academic concentration).

Both teacher licensure and second degree candidates must be formally admitted into the teacher education program. Teacher licensure candidates require a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 upon completion of the undergraduate  degree to avoid  the Praxis I, Reading, Math, and Writing Exam as a requirement for formal admittance into teacher education (other criteria are required- see pre-admissions advising link for requirements).  

Teacher Licensure/Certification Only with Winston-Salem State:

  • Individuals seeking transcript evaluations to obtain licensure in a program area offered here at Winston-Salem State should fax or mail copies of all college/degree coursework to the licensure officer. (Fax: 336-750-2698.)
  • Upon completion of the transcript evaluation by the program coordinator an appointment with the licensure officer should be made to discuss the plan of study as well and the next steps (which includes admissions into the university). 
  • Teacher licensure candidates are advised by the licensure officer in the TEAP Center until being formally admitted in to the Teacher Education Program, at which time the Department Chair or Program Coordinator will assign a faculty advisor.
  • After completing the established program of study and verifying completion with your faculty advisor, you will come to the licensure officer in the TEAP Center for assistance in applying for your teaching license.



More complete licensure-related information can be found at the following Department of Public Instruction links:

Lateral Entry and RALC Information

Individuals who have received a course of study through the Regional Alternative Licensing center should contact the licensure officer in the TEAP - Center for advisement needs and to receive assistance with finding the courses offered here at Winston-Salem State the meet the state required competencies for licensure.

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